06 April 2020:Get the latest information from the NHS about coronavirus .

Today we will learn some English from this News from BBC on 06 April 2020. Hope you enjoy it. News Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9WPDI0tQCo

For only the 5th time in her 60 year reign outside her annual Christmas broadcasts, She has paid tribute to the NHS and key workers for keep good and service going amid the Coronavirus outbreaks. And said when the country succeed in overcoming it , that success will belong to us all.

During my “daily exercise” today, a solitary early run on drizzly and deserted streets, the only people I saw (almost literally) were numerous women and men clad in high-vis… diligently at work keeping the gas, water, electricity, and data flowing.

Despite being a civil engineer, I’ve never acutely taken notice of this before… during the daily, hectic machinations of life.

If you should happen to see them on your daily run/walk/cycle today, please consider thanking them for their essential work. We would be absolutely lost without them - now more than ever.

I would like to pick a topic relavent to the current climate, which is the coronavirus lockdown, as you’ve probably known that today the govenment would announce that the lockdown would be extended until early may at leat.

The good news is that UK may have hit coronavirus peak as infections ‘flatten out’.

But knowing that the some countries in europe have The Italian Government has permitted bookshops, children’s clothes stores to re-open for the first time since March 9.

Firms in construction and manufacturing are among the first to be sent back out to work

  1. To predict the Lockdown end date: When will the lockdown be lifted? note: The date we are officially allowed to get into our office in Metal box. Lockdown end date: When will the lockdown be lifted?

  2. When the lockdown lifted, I would imagine that people will celebrate it in their own ways, some might choose to have a party, some might want to travel to other cities to meet their loved ones, and so on. If I ask you, What would be the way you choose to celebrate it, this can be a thing you want to do after this lockdown and why? assuming that all the public places are safe to visit. this can be simply a person you want to meet, or places you want to visit, or restaurant you want to go.

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